4-Kids - About Us



3 & 4's PreSchool Classroom

In the PreSchool Room, your child’s day will be filled with many wonderful learning and fun experiences, through a balance of structure and choice, teacher-directed and self-directed activities, and group and individual exploration. Not only does it provide children with an opportunity for social interaction, it offers to the children to learn about the world around them.

We not only help get your child ready for school, we help them get ready for life with self-help skills such as putting on shoes and coats, cutting their own meat, spreading butter on bread, pouring their own juice or milk...and much more.

Within the classroom, various learning centers invite your child to explore and imagine while developing school readiness skills. Learning centers include Language, Reading Readiness, Circle Time, Creativity, Art, Dramatic Play and Blocks.

Mornings usually focus on learning and enrichment activities. Afternoons are more open-ended, with tables of different activities. Daily sheets keep parents up to date on a daily basis regarding our many activities.