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Infant II

Ages 12 Months – 24 months

Daily activities: In the Infant II Room, toddlers begin to focus on developing independent skills such as learning to use a sippy cup, eating using a plate and a spoon and using general table manners.

Children in this program begin to explore their environment more freely. Caregivers put toys away where they belong when the children are done playing with them to help establish the concept of object permanence.

Activities in Infant II include coloring with crayons and markers, hands-on sensory activities such as finger painting and water play, as well as learning songs, reading stories and working on speech. At this age, children begin to establish relationships with each other and caregivers. Daily sheets provide feedback each day on naps, eating, diapers, temperament, etc.

Transition: Transition to the Big Village Preschool begins when your child is able to feed himself or herself, uses a sippy cup, participates willingly in classroom activities, and is able to comprehend some simple directions and naps on a cot.