4-Kids - About Us


Infant I

Ages 6 weeks - 12 Months

Daily activities: We know that our Infant Program is an extension of your baby's family and our goal is to ensure that both parents and child feel secure. Stable and reliable caregivers to the group of children provide the continuity that helps them develop a sense of trust and encourages bonding.

The Infants Program is designed to foster your baby's awareness and natural curiosity about the world around him or her. We support each individual baby as he or she learns to roll over, sit up, crawl, and pull himself/herself up to a standing position and then to walk.

Caregivers work closely with your infant when he/she is ready to try solid foods, be weaned from the bottle and participate in self-feeding. Caregivers provide daily activities including singing, reading stories, sensory projects, block play, walks and other stimulating activities.

Babies, who have begun to scoot, crawl or walk move freely about the room, exploring toys independently. Daily sheets enhance close communication between you and your child's caregiver, so you'll know how and when your baby ate, napped and how their day went.

Transition to the Infant II room begins when your child shows signs of freely moving about the room and self-confidence in new surroundings. This generally begins around 11 months of age.