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Big Village Junior Preschool

Ages 2 & 3 years old

In the Jr. Preschool, a primary focus is on self-help skills such as socialization, putting on shoes & clothes and choosing activities. Children participate in small group activities, beginning with parallel play and gradually moving towards more interactive types of play.

We guide each child through the transition from "mine" to "ours" and to consider others as part of a caring and sharing philosophy. Teachers introduce learning activities including recognizing colors, shapes, letters of the alphabet and the numbers 1 through 10. Speech enrichment focuses on constructing sentences and broadening vocabulary. Prewriting skills will also begin in this grouping, such as working on dexterity, hand strength, and stability.

Potty training is worked on hand in hand at parent's request. Daily sheets help parents know about the day's activities and the eating, napping and potty habits of their children.