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Remember: We are here for you, let us know what your family needs are.


4-Kids is pleased to offer some special activities for children who are enrolled in one of our school. If you have a child who wants to dance, explore music,learn gymnastics or participate in soccer, and you'd like to avoid scheduling these activities on the weekends, here's a great way to do it. Classes are offered one afternoon per week in the following:

Ages: 1 years old and up
Various Schedules
  • Yoga
  • Gymnastics
  • Creative Arts
  • Taste A Book
  • Stretch n' Grow
4 Kids Parent Night
We offer a babysitting service here at the center for all families enrolled and siblings of children enrolled. This service is Friday evenings once per month. We will send out fliers to let you know when one is approaching. These evenings will have special theme activities to make them fun and exciting for the children. Please remember fees must be paid to office upon sign up and refunds are not available as we do staff per amount of sign up.

Fundraiser Nights
We will be hosting 2 Fundraiser nights per year; these proceeds go to all classroom special events, supplies, and teacher appreciation gifts. We ask for generous participation in all events to keep our center flourishing as well as it has in the past year.

Family Appreciation Nights
We will host one event per year to recognize all families of our center, we do appreciate you every day you choose our center to meet your family needs and would like to celebrate your family with ours once a year also.

Parent / Teacher Conferences
All classrooms will offer parent / teacher conferences two times per calendar year. This will be at your discretion to sign up. This is a great time to meet with the staff and discuss your goals for your child and how we can help achieve them!

Holiday Events
Please brief your child's teacher if at any time your family does not observe a holiday. We are open to celebrating all cultured backgrounds. We will host various events during the calendar year and will always respect your observations and meet them to the best of our abilities.

Summer Splash Party
Will be hosted by the center for your enjoyment during a summer month, we reserve a date at the local aquatic center and pay for all family members to attend on that day! We also host a child friendly raffle during this event.

Parent Suggestions
Parent's suggestions are welcome at anytime during the year. Please feel free to communicate with the office via, letter, phone, or email to info@4kidsclc.com. We enjoy your input and ongoing support at all times.